Monday, March 30, 2009

Dont Be Square( NCAD Core) & La La Land Exhibition This Week @ Mr Jones

This week see's Mr Jones resident Colin Devine rock the main room with his blend of electro and bassline while warm up comes from Mr Jones newbie Frank Sweeney.

For those of you who want a little more culture to your night, the LaLa land crew will be showcasing some of their art work around the venue throughout the night.

Go to La La Land. Stay for a minute, stay forever or not at all. You'll try it or you won’t. You'll love it or you won't.


La La Land is described as art based on lived experience, sincerity and authenticity, playing mischievously with each other and their history and their truth. A personal treasure hunt, examined and broken down to its most basic components, mutated and remixed. Any reality can be embraced. High flying art that encourages and fosters a strong relationship with pleasure and self-indulgence. You will not find loyalty in the elite. Elitism is the ultimate party crasher. You are free to play and make noise

Dont Be Square

The first year students from NCAD (Core Year NCAD) are also making a Mr Jones debut this week with their exhibition entitled, "Dont Be Square". Showcasing the best in all things round, this collective has promised art stemming from light bulbs, tyres and a wheel of fortune.

As always our merry band of reps will be on the hunt for new meat to join the Mr Jones crew so if you want to get involved make sure to introduce yourself!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Annie Mac Presents Tour Teaser 2009!

Schizofonics Mutha Fuka

This week see’s the Mr Jones debut from duo Schizofonics with a 4 hour AV and visual show.

One half “M” and one half Mr Jones resident Shortie, the lads have been kept busy remixing the likes of Jesse Rose/Action Man and Data.

This will be the duo’s second time playing the Twisted Pepper but the first time the two will rock the main stage.

You can expect a host of bangin bassline and electro anthems with some of the lads own remixes and original material.

To get yourself acquainted check out the Schizofonic Myspace or take a look at their YouTooooob video mix below

Friday, March 6, 2009

**Thursday 12th March!!

Next week Mr.Jones is having it's first ever 'Hat Party'.
It's simple really...

Just wear a hat!
.... for anyone that 'forgets' their hat, their will be some super sexy one's available at the door!!

Also on the night, there will be some 'special' SHAMROCK SHAKES!

Vicki ♥