Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Were Back

Following a series of one off events over the summer, Mr. Jones returns to a weekly Thursday night in a venue our big sister Bodytonic has just taken over, Twisted Pepper (formerly Traffic) on 54 Middle Abbey Street, just a couple of doors down from The Academy. Launchnight is this Thursday 2nd October with old friends Shortie, Scutchie and Mark Lam at the controls.

Where have we been? What have we been doing? After heading off on a J1 for a month Mr. Jones returned and hosted one off parties at The Bernard Shaw, Clampdown in Andrews Lane and Tetric in the Button Factory. We've been off at Glastonbury and Electric Picnic making loads of new friends, and some of them will be collaborating with us for monthly parties in the new venue.Mr. Jones @ Twisted Pepper will run over 2 floors, ground floor will be a bit of a mixed bag of outside promoters, live acts, collaborators and kitchen sinks.

We'll be doing monthly parties with Right On!, Crafty Beggars and I Got Your Fashion Right Here. Each collaborator will bring a different sound, angle and vibe to the night.Downstairs, we'll be keeping the same bassline / baltimore / electro / party vibe that we've had in our ten months of existance. Residents are Shortie, Scutchie and Mark Lam. Their northside roots should serve them well in our relocation. Occasional visitors from Dublin and beyond will also be playing, we have the following guests lined up for the rest of the year (and a couple of others TBC):


27 NOV - SWITCH (Dubsided, UK)


We also have a very drunken drinks deal of vodka & redbull for €3, and selected other drinks deals too. Doors are 10pm and admission to Mr. Jones is €8 / €5 with flyer (this may vary on guest nights).The Twisted Pepper's walls are still drying, but the place has been given a facelift, several licks of paint, and fitted with a brand new dj booth and Funktion 1 soundsystem. Upstairs will be ready to go in a few weeks, but for now phase one of opening sees the downstairs part of the club open. We're looking forward to getting the party started this Thursday

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Joakim guys!

Joakim was recently brought to my attention as the lads down in Tetric booked him and swayzak for a K7 records night.
I had honestly never heard of him before so I did a bit of poking around and found out a bit about him. Ok, so he's on k7 records and versatile records. He has 2 albums released on Versatile. Tigersushi, and Fantomes. One album on K7. And he founded Tigersushi records.
When he was young he learned to play piano and discovered indie rock and grew up listening to that. His love for electronic music came from a friend leaving a synth in his bedroom. Handy that!
His first record, Tigersushi, he sent to Versatile and eventually the head of Versatile decided to put it out on Future Talk, a more experimental version of Versatile. This album got noticed by various producers including DJ Medhi and a remixed version of the album was released.
Between that and his second album he started up Tigersushi records which is now well known for it's "Kill the DJ" and "More God Dam Music" compilations. As well as artists such as K.I.M. and Panico.
In 2003 he released Fanatomes on Versatile's main label and he started to get noticed by the press and dancefloors everywhere.
He more recently released the album "Monsters & Silly Songs" which he has released on K7 and he has now really made a name for himself.
He has remixed various international artists such as Tiga, Ivan Smagghe, Tiefschwarz and Air, to name a few and the reason I've decided to bring him up now is because of his upcoming release "My Best Remixes" on his own Tigersushi label. There really are some fantastic remixes on this and it really shows him shining bright as Joakim "the remixer" so to speak!
I'm really looking forward to this... as should you be!

Tracklist, for the craic:

01. Annie "Always Too Late"
02. The Chap "Ethnic Instruments"
03. DJ Mehdi "Pocket Piano"
04. Zombie-Zombie "Drive This Road Until Death Sets You Free"
05. Tiga "Pleasure From The Bass"
06. Late Of The Pier "The Bears Are Coming" (Dub version)
07. Clashing Egos "Aiming Nebere"
08. Alter Ego "Why Not?"
09. Cut Copy "Heart On Fire"
10. Lionel Hampton "Vibromatic"
11. Antena "Camino Del Sol"
12. Max Berlin "Elle & Moi"

This will be avilable from October 27th.

Until then, heres a remix from the album:

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Joakim remix) (Right-click, save as)

And heres a remix not on the album:

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Joakim remix) (Right-click, save as)

Heres his myspace too... check him out!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Im a glass half full kinda guy. I like to think that things will always turn out for the best and that everything is O.K. Although, I've recently been getting more and more into the old Miami Bass sound, and the amount of crap thats out there simply astounds me. Just when I thought that things couldn't possibly get any worse, I stumbled across this album. The title didnt leave much to the imagination, "Booty Bass Ballads". This is something, that when listened to, you have to ask, who rubber stamped this one. Spice Girls's "2 Become 1" and Aerosmith's slow dance classic "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" are 2 tracks given the booty treatment proving that before trance and b-more came along Miami Bass was leading the charge in crap "dance" covers, but like I said im an optimist and this is perfect to have on when your layin pipe on the regular

To redeem myself now I picked up a lil sumthin sumthin in the depths of the internet from 2 of my favourite artists, Si Begg and Salim Rafiq. Anyone who got the "Fuel Presents:" Salim Rafiq cd a few years back will know this guy is seriously good and what can you say about Si Begg that hasnt been said already? A real hero of mine, championing the big bass sound for years, donning his Buckfunk 3000 moniker for this remix.
For people looking for a Crookers esque hit avoid this one, for the serious heads watchya bass bins!

And from the old to the new with two of my fav artists at the moment "Drums of Death" with "Drop The Lime" on remix duties. This ones been around for a while but for those who haven't gotten it yet, here you go.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mr Jones has been Keeping a close Eye On the Tetric Lads Recently. They have been rocking wednesdays in the Button Factory and they are one of the best collectives to come out of dublin in years he expects big things form them in the future, So the time has come to put them to the test for one night of musical mayhem. Its gonna be epic. Mark Lam, shortie and scutchie will be lineing up for Mr J on the night also keep your eye out for Free Mr J eyeball shots.

Fidget Headshotz

I've been wondering what type of music will be the next big craze here in Dublin. I personally think fidget house will become really popular being a fan of it myself.
These 2 lads from Budapest are definetly ones to check out. The Headshotboyz have kindly given us 2 of their songs aswell as there lastest mixtape for your enjoyment. Be sure to check them out on myspace.

Headshotboyz - August Mixtape 2008 (Right-click, save as)

1. Headshotboyz - Fo'watcha'no
2. The Yank - We Can't Be Stopd (Dj Bam Bam Remix)
3. Estaw - Break It Down (Herve's Spitfire Remix)
4. Meat Katie Elite Force - Fabulous Mint 400 (Richard Dinsdale Remix)
5. Tommie Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remix)
6. Bootlickers - The Wasp
7. Foamo - Everything Cool
8. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat (Computer Clubs Fat Eric Remix v4)
9. Headshotboyz - San FranDisco
10. His Majesty Andre - Roxxx
11. Don Rmini - Let Me Back Up (The Driver aka Manu Le Malin feat Lunatic Asylum Remix)
12. Monsieur Intiman - El Mariachi Loco
13. Hatiras & Mc Flipside - Get Blahsted
14. Natty Jack - Tech Buddy
15. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Laidback Luke Remix)
16. Harley From Paris With Love (Breakdown Remix)
17. Headshotboyz - March
18. Lil Wayne - Lolipop (Dj Barletta Remix)
19. D.A.V.E. the Drummer with Marco Lenzi and Anderson - The Deal
20. Nifty - I m From NY Original Mix

Headshotboyz - March (Right-click, save as)

Headshotboyz - Balkan Powa (Right-click, save as)

DLake Remix Competition

Dlake has kindly given us a chance for our Djs to remix one of my favourite songs "Dance All Night". This will include all the parts to the song and a copy of the single itself.
Dlake's r'n'b/hip hop style of baltimore music will get people moving. His new EP "Be more of a Hipster 2.0" will be one not to miss. With tracks from Royskopp to The Village People this is one to check out.
Check out other tracks by Dlake on his Myspace

DLake - Dance All Night (Remix pack) (Right-click, save as)

DLake - Be More Of A Hipster 2.0 Mixtape (Right-click, save as)