Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing Cillo

Cillo is a young electro producer hailing from our very own Dublin. After causing a bit of a stir at Soundcloud and getting air play in England, I thought it time to give him an introduction. With 8 tracks under his belt and constantly producing more, I think he'll go far.
Interestingly, he is also the lead guitarist and main song writer for a progressive metal band called Valediction.
He is very influenced and is making similar sounds to likes of Justice, Boys Noize and The Bloody Beetroots. But he does have a unique sound which is defintiely worth checking out. I especially like the hip hop influence and half time beats featured in his song 'Roots'. And my favourite song is 'Electro 101'. Please give his stuff a listen.

Electro 101

All his stuff can be streamed and downloaded for free here at his Soundcloud page.

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