Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Joakim guys!

Joakim was recently brought to my attention as the lads down in Tetric booked him and swayzak for a K7 records night.
I had honestly never heard of him before so I did a bit of poking around and found out a bit about him. Ok, so he's on k7 records and versatile records. He has 2 albums released on Versatile. Tigersushi, and Fantomes. One album on K7. And he founded Tigersushi records.
When he was young he learned to play piano and discovered indie rock and grew up listening to that. His love for electronic music came from a friend leaving a synth in his bedroom. Handy that!
His first record, Tigersushi, he sent to Versatile and eventually the head of Versatile decided to put it out on Future Talk, a more experimental version of Versatile. This album got noticed by various producers including DJ Medhi and a remixed version of the album was released.
Between that and his second album he started up Tigersushi records which is now well known for it's "Kill the DJ" and "More God Dam Music" compilations. As well as artists such as K.I.M. and Panico.
In 2003 he released Fanatomes on Versatile's main label and he started to get noticed by the press and dancefloors everywhere.
He more recently released the album "Monsters & Silly Songs" which he has released on K7 and he has now really made a name for himself.
He has remixed various international artists such as Tiga, Ivan Smagghe, Tiefschwarz and Air, to name a few and the reason I've decided to bring him up now is because of his upcoming release "My Best Remixes" on his own Tigersushi label. There really are some fantastic remixes on this and it really shows him shining bright as Joakim "the remixer" so to speak!
I'm really looking forward to this... as should you be!

Tracklist, for the craic:

01. Annie "Always Too Late"
02. The Chap "Ethnic Instruments"
03. DJ Mehdi "Pocket Piano"
04. Zombie-Zombie "Drive This Road Until Death Sets You Free"
05. Tiga "Pleasure From The Bass"
06. Late Of The Pier "The Bears Are Coming" (Dub version)
07. Clashing Egos "Aiming Nebere"
08. Alter Ego "Why Not?"
09. Cut Copy "Heart On Fire"
10. Lionel Hampton "Vibromatic"
11. Antena "Camino Del Sol"
12. Max Berlin "Elle & Moi"

This will be avilable from October 27th.

Until then, heres a remix from the album:

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Joakim remix) (Right-click, save as)

And heres a remix not on the album:

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Joakim remix) (Right-click, save as)

Heres his myspace too... check him out!


kevmaXXX said...

Joakim played at Night Flight not so long ago, july i think? Shock has brought him over a few times now.
he was very tall.

Kelly said...

a bit too tall! haha