Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freaky Freaky

Ok I know it's not until December, but I'm getting proper excited about this Buraka Som Sistema show we've got coming up in Mr.Jones. I saw them last year supporting A-Track (I think) down in Crawdaddy and they absolutely rocked it. That was my first introduction into Kuduro music. I've got a good friend from Angola and he was cool enough to put me on to some names to look out for and places to get some good Kuduro tunes. I have a tidy little collection built up at this stage and expanding it every day!!!
Posted below is one of my favorite tracks by a chap called Kizomba Hélder. Wicked beats, little vocals, good old shake yer rump musics!!!

Kizomba Helder - Frique Frique(Right-click, save as)

Here's a couple of videos too of some other Kuduro stuff!

Rie Helder - Os Marteleiros

Vagabanda - Vou Le Dar

MC Katinga - Tudo a Toa

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