Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Newness

I've kinda gone off blogs lately (very ironic I know seeing as I am posting on one), for the simple reason that there seems to be an overwhelming focus on new rather than good. I got sick of trawling through countless blogs downloading hundreds of tracks only to delete 99% of them that evening. It seems that the majority of blogs will gladly post new crap rather than posting solid gold which has led me to ignore many blogs that I once thought were outlets for good music.

It seems that anyone and their grandmother can download a copy of Ableton, get some baltimore sample packs and accapellas and make something sub standard or the funky chunky widget fidget crew who blatantly rip off established artists and have it posted for consumption by someone who is just in search of an exclusive or the next big thing. There seems to be a real stink of complacency among blog writers and an overwhelming stench of plagiarism off those who send tracks to them.

In terms of blog culture the tracks that Im posting today would be regarded as "old skool", ie, more than 3 weeks old, but, theyr all solid. Iv road tested these for the last while in Mr Jones and they always go down really well. Im sure most people out there will no doubt already have them but have probably forgotten about them due to the countless bmore edits currently clogging up their hard drives.

First up is Drop The Lime's remix of Vyle's Strobemouth. This was actually the first Drop The Lime track that I got and kinda set the tone for me going forward. Solid production as you would expect from the man

Vyle - Strobemouth (Drop The Lime Heavy Bass remix) (Right-click, save as)

Next is a remix by Radioclit who I had the pleasure of playing alongside in Mr Jones's living room a few months ago.

Bumblebeez - Zulu (Radioclit remix) (Right-click, save as)

Theres a certain air of mystery around who made this one. Rumours of a collaboration between 2 heavyweight producers but that was just the word around the campfire

Zeus (Right-click, save as)

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