Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coming To Save The Party

By now you all know my theory on French music. Be it Surkin, Yelle, Jacques Dutronc or France Gall I love it all. You might remember I recently posted an interview with the latest production duo to come out of France; Mustard Pimp? Well now it's the turn of their good friends Steroeheroes. This comic-loving pair have released a couple of tunes so far on Bryan Cox's Crux Da House label and have played in more countries than you or I have probably ever even been to. They were kind enough to have a little chat with yours truly and here's what they had to say for themselves:

Mr.J: Ok Dudes, introduce yourselves to Mr.Jones.
SH: Stereoheroes. France. 28 and 26 years old. Boys. Handsome ?. Straight !

Mr.J: How would you describe your sound?
We can't. I mean. When we do it, we think about people on the dancefloor, we try to make them raise their arms and scream, that's all. We don't really like classifications. Could be some super electro comic fidget with a big touch of crunk. Who cares ? Music touches you or not, it's all about feelings. And we don't want to lock ourselves in a genre. We love Detroit techno, we love underground hip hop, sometimes cheap dance or english pop bands... It's spontaneous, we do what we'd like to hear.

Mr.J: What's your mission statement?
Mission : Save the dancefloor. Fight boring music, give people some happiness. Burn down the club. We try to do what we liked in electronic music from 15 years ago, we are looking back for this energy that made us dance until the end of the next day and is kind of lost now.

Mr.J: How did you guys start out making kick-ass musics?
Thanks for saying it kicks asses. We love to think it's only the beginning. We made music for many years now under other nicknames, actually as far as we remember, we always been involved in electronic music in many different ways. This project is less than a year old though. We really did want to share our experiences and do something new. Stereoheroes was born. Now we are still searching, working and trying to do better and better. We hope you will love what is coming next, many different things.

Mr.J: I heard a rumour that you were traveling, one in China and one in
Australia, How did you continue making your mark on Blogland?

Yeah, we were. When we started this project, big trips were already planned so we ended up being separated almost at the beginning of Stereoheroes. But it was a great experience, as there was a small buzz around our name at this time we had the chance to play a lot in Australia, Hong Kong etc. And we always found ways to meet for big events as festivals in Australia, or a gig in Tokyo. Meanwhile we continued working on internet which is a great communication tool ;) But now we are back together in France. Ready to fight.

Mr.J: How did you guys hook up with Teen Wolf?
He sent us the "Fukt" vocals one day on myspace. That is that simple. If Madonna reads this and we know she probably will; Don't be shy girl, send over your acapella!

Mr.J: And what was the recording process on "Midnight Sons"? Did you guys meet up or was it like sending vocals and beats back and forth or what?
For midnight sons it was really easy, for us, not for him ahah. We asked him to do some vocals without giving him any music. It was like "Please sing on a 129bpm beat and we'll make the music". And he did great, but unfortunately we never met him, hopefully some day we'll go to Vegas to play music and loose a lot of money.

Mr.J: You've Djed all over the world from Hong-Kong to Germany to Sweden, what 's been your favorite country to play in and what makes a good gig?
Well, so far I think we can really say Australians are the best audience. They really love to party, they really know who they are going to see and have a big electronic music background and still a great energy in clubs that we lost in France many years ago. They don't think too much, just have fun. That's how it should be everywhere.
We heard it's the same in the UK but unfortunately we never been there to play.
Japan is great too, they arrive in the club and just start dancing immediately...

A good gig is when people react to what you play, when the hands are up, when the girls AND the boys scream and jump and dance and ask for more bangers, and more, and more !

Mr.J: What's with the animals with eyebrows?
Animals are prettier than people, we thought it could be fun to communicate with animal pictures. We love them and they love us back. We have all those animals at home, it really helps us in the creation process. Eyebrows? Some says mustaches, maybe you could imagine it's a mask too, we have to make up our animal friends so they are not recognized and harassed in the street.

Mr.J: "Boom Slang" Fin Fang Foom"… Do you guys just come up with the first title for a tune you think of?
Actually every one of those names are Marvel comics character names. It's the way we choose titles for most of our songs.

Mr.J: Record sales are declining EVERYWHERE… What way do you see the future of music going?
We don't really know. We hope that as people don't buy records anymore, maybe they will use their money to go to concerts, clubs etc. Which is a good thing for us actually as our sound is made for live performances and drunk kids more than to be listened to at home.

Mr.J: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Lot of production, heaps of new tracks, great collaborations. And we will continue touring every country needing to be saved.

Mr.J: You gonna come visit Ireland soon?
Yeah mate, anytime. We'd love to... Any party promoters around? We traveled the world but never been there or UK, a shame!

Quickfire Questions:

Favorite superhero?
John Lopez aka Washout, too sad he's dead.
Worst tune ever?
Dude, we discovered it a few days ago. It's French. Fran├žois Valery - Mon pote le DJ (means "My buddy the Dj") You have to find the lyrics and translate it!
Listen : http://www.wat.tv/audio/francois-valery-mon-pote-dj-g3ob_cu9y_.html
Best tune ever?
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven.
Hard to pick up one only.
Favorite movie?
Wow we are of those people who see like 3 movies a day. Let's say "Reservoir Dogs" watched it for the hundredth time yesterday. Still a cult!
Daily websites?
Myspace, Soundcloud (awesome), Submityourflicks and a few blogs (Missingtoof, Discobelle, Palms Out ...)
What question would you like me to ask you?
Why does superman wears his underwear on top of his trousers making everybody laugh at him?
Because he knows things you just ignore you fools ! !
Random piece of information?
Deer is the real king of animals.

Well there you have it... Stereoheroes, crazy & cool!!!

Check out their banger "Midnight Sons" with Teen Wolf below and be sure to hit them up on the myspace for a listen to their latest "Washout"

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