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France, what is it with this place and bangin' electro music? I could go on and list of a whole role call of big name artists to come out of France in the past but you already know who I'm talking about and frankly, I haven't got either the time or the energy. Mustard Pimp however, I have a lot of both time and energy to talk about!
The latest duo out of the land of cheese and wine consists of DJ Mustard Pimp who is responsible for DJing, producing and making money and Mustard P who looks after executive producing duties, producing and making violence (or so it says on their myspace). Being one of the newer names in Fidget House, I don't know too much about them but I do know that they're gonna be HUGE  in the next few months. The boys of Mustard Pimp were kind enough to give Mr. Jones an exclusive interview where I found out what they've been up to,  what they've got planned and if they are really a duo or just one busy pimp.

S - Mustard Pimp’s a pretty new name to Mr.Jones, give us a little introduction.
MP - Yo! We're Mustard Pimp, actually composed of Dj Mustard Pimp (or DJ M Pimp) and Mustard P, two bastards from France based near Paris, we created this project around March 2008 and our major obective is to make violence!

S -How did you get into the music production?
MP - Wow, Mustard P started maybe around 4-5 years ago producing on Fruity Loops and I started about 6 months ago,however I'm Djing 7 years now, formaly i played acid house but reoriented myself to Electro House and Fidget House approximately a year ago.

S - Has your success been a long time coming or has it taken off fairly quickly for you?
MP - Can't say about real success yet but we've remxied the Crookers lately, mostly for fun but they gave us their approbation to do it, so we hope to be buzzin' quite soon!

S - Ed Banger, Institubes, Yelle… What is it with France and the quality Electro coming out recently?
MP - Actually I'm pretty ashamed of France for electronic music because most of the clubs don't take the "risk" to play something else other than commercial electro house here, however Mustard P likes Ed Banger Stuff, but I only like Sebastian's music in this crew. We also loves Stereoheroes and Don Rimini from France.

S - Music comes and goes so quick these days, do you think Fidget’s just a fad?
MP - Not necessarily, Fidget is one of many evolutions of the Electro House movement, in fact in fidget house you need to respect some standards like the beat construction and the bass but you have a better liberty of use in Fidget House than in electro house style.

S - Who’s doing it for you these days?
MP - The Crookers, Bryan Cox, Fake Blood, Stereoheroes, Bloody Beetroots, Hervé, Headshotboyz, Foamo and Hostage!

S - Outside of the Fidget scene, who or what influences you?
MP - Many things, mostly non electronical music, I actually listen to some metal music (mostly Death, Thrash, Punk, Hardcore) and oldschool hip hop (pre 1995), Mustard P listens to mostly rock and metal music (like Converge, DFA 1976, All Shall Perish, Queens of the Stone Age etc..)
But as electronical music we have really various influences (from Prodigy to Crookers, and from Bloody Beetroots to 2 unlimited ;))

S - Tell us a bit about how the Crookers thing came about.
MP - I met the Crookers in the Social Club in Paris in June and during their show I listened for the first time their track "Il Brutto", then I contacted Bot to know if we could do a remix of it for fun, he said yes and then we decided to do it!!!

S - Myspace seems to play a big part in getting people known these days, has it been the same for you?
MP - Of course, for some people myspace's viewing seems to have a great importance, this is also true for us but the best point is that permits to people to listen our stuff easily just by typing our name on google, the myspace link is always on top. However for about a year i noticed that the blogs are playing more and more a big role, sometimes more than myspace itself.

S - What’s the future got in store for Mustard Pimp?
MP - Don't know yet! We have some labels interested at the moment, two remixes and an original track to finish for september, so time will tell.

S - Any advise for bedroom producers who may be reading this?
MP - Be violent!!!

S - You gonna come and pay Mr. Jones a visit in the future?
MP - Of course!

Quickfire Questions;

S - Favorite Curry?
MP - Uncle's Ass itchin' one!
S - Worst tune ever?
MP - Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
S - Favorite tune ever?
MP - Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up / Sepultura - Inner Self
S - Favorite movie?
MP - Brain Dead
S - Daily Websites?
MP - Sexyloo, Myspace, Howtokilladonkey
S - What question would you like me to ask you?
MP - Why so serious? Answer - Because Uncles curry gave me ass itches!
S - Random piece of information?

Wise words from a wise pimp, definitely one to watch for 2008/9...

Check out Mustard Pimp's brand new remix below:
Crookers - Il Brutto (Mustard Pimp El Burrito Remix)

Also the video to their BANGIN' mix of Oizo's Flat Beat is below too!!!
(I'm posting the video coz it's wicked)


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