Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dirt Project...

Oi oi dude's & dudette's!!

Next Thursday 27th November is the launch of The Dirt Project downstairs at Mr.Jones!
For all you 'ravers' that are getting bored of Electro, come down and experience some quirky beats/dirty breaks and class A scratching!! ;)

For the launch night along with our resident dj 'Handsome Paddy' we have Sean Hughes flying over from Scouse land!

Here's a little teaser of how good it's going to be nxt week!! ENJOY!

1-When did u start dj'n? I started dj'in with two record players i bought from a carboot sale when i was 11 in 1990!

2- What was the first track that made you go oooohhhhhhh? I was a rocker when i was younger.. well into iron maiden but i was first introduced to heavy beats heavy samples and loops in 1989 by means of a track by chad jackson called "hear the drummer get wicked", at the time i had never heard any thing like it and i have never looked back since.

3-First Residency? The wekka in Liverpool! it was an under 18's rave and i was the resident there when i was 14 playin hardcore!

4-What brought u to ibiza? Well i'd been dreaming of djing since i was 11 and i just couldnt settle with normal life i had a "propper" job, nice car ..the works but the calling was too strong one day i remember clocking into work and a feeling of depression coming over me and i just said to noone imparticular.... "funk this..i'm off to ibiza!" i clocked straight back off drove straight to the travel agents and booked my flights for the summer..thankfully it turned out to be the right move!

5-How did the last season go for you? Incredable as well as the amazing new terrace i got to play the main room in amnesia for cream quite a bit, somethin which is just unbelivable it is as good as it looks!! i was also lucky enough to play the mainroom for tiestos collosall gigs..playing on tiestos rig just before him was inspiring he has the best monitors i've ever heard!! my night discobomb also won best workers party at the workers awards so things couldnt of got much better really.

6-What dj's inspire you? I could try and sound cool here and name drop all the new names of the minute but to me if all a dj cares about is makin people feel good with music and they work hard at doin it then they are always gonna be inspiring to me.

7-Moment dj'n that made you stop and think..'Im deadly''?? hmmmm... well at my night discobomb there are no genre boundries so anything goes, i was playing back to back with jamie gittens and he thought it would be funny to drop aggadoo and leave me stood behind the decks with it on whilst fumbling around trying to find a track to quickly get out of it..luckily i was on form and quickly looped aggadoo hit the wide pitch and took it upto a drum and bass tempo and slamed in a wicked d n b track over the top of it...well it absolutly went off!! i kinda turned to jamie and give him a little look that said "top that smart arse!"

8-Favourite shoe? my glow in the dark nikes!

9-Blondes or brunettes?? they both look ace to me....

10-This is first gig in dublin, wat brings you here??? Apart from my girlfriend livin here,wicked nightlife!! wicked crowd!!last time switch played here i was there gettin sweaty with the rest of yous and lovin it! cant wait to play!

11-What track are u dropping at the moment? format b - bootcut..... its a little beast! also my mix of golden girls- kinetic on floorplay.

12-fav new dj's/artists you can recommend etc?? if you havnt allready check hijack for some fat production and if i guy that makes me think about givin up cause he's that good check out youtube clips of kentaro or french team c2c!!

Peace & Hugs...
See u all on the dancefloor ;)
Vicki L♥ve xx

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