Monday, November 3, 2008

"I Got Your Fashion Right Here... "

"I Got Your Fashion Right Here... "

'I Got Your Fashion Right...' Here is a Dublin-based Fashion/Art Collective set up by a current National College of Design Fashion student, Julia Doherty.
The project was set up in July 2008 with the idea to mix Fashion, Fine Art and Performance to create a series of one off shows and exhibitions. Each show/exhibition/fashion farce is worked on a collective basis where every Artist or Designer who takes part helps to form the idea for the night then helps out to create the finished product. The first project undertaken by the collective was a Surrealist fashion show run in conjunction with the Relaunch of Bodytonic's "Mister Jones" night and was a great success. The next project taken on is a collaboration between Fashion Design and Fine Art to see who will win the battle of what is more important- the canvas or the content?

Some Pics Of there Last Gig @ MR JONES

'I Got Your Fashion Right Here...'

'I Got Your Fashion Right Here...' Brings you another installment of Fashion/ Art collaborative Fun. ' I Got Your Fashion Right Here...' is a Fashion based collective headed by current NCAD fashion design student Julia Doherty.

An Exhibition of 6 Pieces will be on display for one night in The Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey street on the 13th of November under the theme of what is more important-" The Canvas or the Content". Six plain linen dresses were designed and made then distributed to 6 different artists, 4 from within the National College of Art and Design- Aoibheann Greenan, Siobhan Cox, Oisin O'Brien and Eoghan Ryan and then 2 from outside- Kevin Breen and Danni Creed.

Each artist was given free rein to use whatever medium they wanted on the dress and were told to treat it as a canvas, not as an item on clothing. The end results will be displayed in the Twisted Pepper for one night only and as each project undertaken by the Collective is a one-off, it is advisable to get down there and make sure you see them!

Please contact Julia Doherty at 0868965520 for any more details.

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