Tuesday, December 2, 2008


First post in a long time, moved gaf and had no net for like 2 weeks... Head-wrecker... Anyway, I'm gonna keep the posts coming thick and fast and first up is this new banger from London's own Foamo. I'm a huge fan. First introduced to him a few months back through his simply flawless Summer Mix, which I grabbed over on Discobelle. The chap's only 21 and turning out some ridiculous production that's seriously rivaling some of the big boys.
Top tunes of his to look out for are '930 530', 'Rockerman' and his remix of Primary 1's 'Hold Me Down', which, I'm told by his good friend Detboi, was actually turned down by their label!!! Idiots...
Anyways, here's his latest offering, a remix of Mystery Jets 'Half In Love With Elizabeth', and it doesn't disappoint... Enjoy

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