Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Poney Poney

I found these lads last year and thought they would be huge by now based on this song...
I was wrong.

So, just in case you're unaware, they're from Paris, France and this particular song is produced by Xavier de Rosnay (the smaller Justice man). This song has been released on the "Cross The Fader" EP and it really is fantastic.
Makes you wanna dance...

Nice video too!

Check out their MySpace too for more!

Also, here's the tune for you to own and enjoy!

Poney Poney - Cross the Fader (Right-click, save as)

On another note, Google maps have just gone and made us all feel that bit more paranoid. This is insane.
(Excuse the silly presenter man)

I'm thinking, if that's what we can do. Imagine what all the governments and shit can do... :o

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