Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pocket Pianist

Ed Banger are a funny old label. I know I shouldn't like their stuff coz it's all a bit cliché but every so often they come out with some really good music. Forget your Justice, Feadz and Uffie, for me, Ed Banger is all about Mickey Moonlight, Oizo and Mehdi. 
3 bangin remixes of 'Pocket Piano' have just dropped and further confirm my theory that Mehdi is the only innovative producer in the Ed Banger camp.
I was lucky enough to get the Japanese release of 'Lucky Boy' the last time I was over there, complete with added artwork and extra tracks, well worth it!!
Posted below are the 3 remixes in question adding new life to the already great original along with Scenario Rock's 'Both Gotta Move On' from which Mr. Mehdi took the piano sample.

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