Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I Like bass... Lots of bass, you know the kind of bass that's so heavy when you're in a club you're drink's all moving around the table like. That's what I like, and this chap Rusko has it by the jumper load. I'm not normally  fan of Dubstep, not sure why but I never really got into Skream and the like but Rusko's a bit special.
First stumbled across his stuff on myspace about 8 months ago. Cockney Thug and Cockney Flute were the two that caught my attention. They both still have that Dubstep thing about them but they're a bit more melodic. Cockney thug has this Spanish horn thing going through it while Cockney Flute (a Rusko remix of a Caspa tune) has this Kill Bill style flutieness about it...
Anyway, he's been kind enough to distribute his new mix for BBC Radio 1's Experimental show. You can grab it through his myspace, or to save you the hassle, I've posted the link below (coz I'm nice like that!!!) It's gooooooood.

Rusko - Cockney Knees Up (Right-click, Save As)

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