Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hear This Tiger

Fear Of Tigers

Hailing from London, this producer describes himself as "Electro/ Powerpop/ Indie". Apparently not a well known name yet. I was surprised to hear people saying that they hadn't heard of Fear of Tigers. So that urged me to share his stuff coz he needs to made aware of.

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers remix)

I first discovered him when I heard his remix of Annorak's "Nightdrive With You". And I didn't think that song could get better till I heard this remix. He keeps it nice chilled and doesn't change it too much, which is done much too often, and rarely done well. I think only the likes of Soulwax can really pull them off - using a tiny sample from the original and creating a whole new song. i.e.. Their remix of Robbie William's Lovelight.

Fear of Tigers - Sex with robots

Fear of Tigers' original production "Sex With Robots" is my favourite track by him. This song really sums up his sound. He has that 80s synth-pop sound combined with todays modern "dirty" (there's no better word to describe it) electro sound. Probably his heaviest and club friendliest track.

Fear of Tigers - Layers

This brings us to my second favourite which is another original production entitled "Layers". It's one of those that you listen to and you think its fairly good but when it comes on again in the background, you have to check it coz your ears really like it. It opens with pleasant synthy riff and rest of the song kind of just blends to end.

Fear of Tigers - To be loved (Mr B Remix)

Finally, the last track that needs exploitation is his remix of "To Be Loved" by Bent. At first listen I liked the general 80s/ modern electro sound this song has, but it really does just get better and better every time you listen. One repeated vocal and great use of filter, that creates a wishy washy and dreamy song.

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