Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dan Deacon, Dan Deacon, Dan Deacon... YOU LUNATIC!!!

People, in general, enjoy good showmanship and decent crowd interaction along with good tunes to top it all off obviously... Well, Mr. Deacon here IS the crowd! And along with his amazingly energetic tunes and using an iPod shuffle stuck to a banana, this guy is pretty savage!

Dan Deacon has been around for a bit, but he's really starting to make a name for himself now. The mad bastard plays his gigs from the middle of the crowd! He has this table covered in gadgets and effects that he combines to make some of the best and original music I've heard in aaaages! And a good portion of his equipment he found in bins!

He's originally from Long Island but moved to Baltimore in 2004 to live in a collective of artists and musicians alike called "Wham City". He has spent almost all his time since then playing with the likes of Spank Rock, Girl Talk, Cat Power and The Animal Collective. He's a seasoned performer with many tours and hundreds of shows under his belt. He'll be at Electric Picnic too this year and I'm tellin' you now, he's not to be missed!

Here's a video of him in action:

And here's a short interview:

Check out this mad uplifting powerhouse of a track too:

Dan Deacon - Wham City

Here's his myspace for good measure.

Enjoy! And I hope I see you all at his gig at The Picnic!!

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