Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First up is London’s Tomb Crew, these guys have been making a lot of noise lately and garnishing a lot of support from the top brass, Drop the Lime gave them his stamp of approval when he played with them on his UK tour recently, high praise indeed and one only needs to take a look at their roster of upcoming shows to see how in demand these chaps are. I got in touch with them a good while back and they were nice enough to supply me with 4 of their tracks, the pick of the litterin my opinion being Inna Dat. I road tested this in Mr Jones Living Room every time I played and lets just say the ladies like it. I have no doubt we’l be hearing a lot more from these boys and hopefully see them over here soon too.

Tomb Crew - Inna Dat


Next up is another UK act The Squires Of Gothos. I stumbled across their myspace page and was blown away, their tracks bang, simple as and their ODB remix was recently featured on palms outs remix Sunday. This track is what Dibby dj would sound like if it smoked johnny blue and wore its air max into school.Id imagine theres plenty more to come from this duo.

The Squires Of Gothos - Bounty Ice Cream


Lastly is Canadian twosome syntonics. Ill be honest with you, I fucking love these guys. I originally heard their track don’t stop pop and it was just me all over, ghetto with techno with a female vocal with cut up beats so as soon as I heard it I tracked their my space page down and chanced my arm. Luckily Barbi is one of the nicest people your likely to meet and they have supplied me with countless bangers since then, one of my fav’s and also one of my secret weapons every time I played in Mr Jones’ Living room is this remix they did of fritzmania. Real peak time stuff here and they keep throwing the productions out, stayed tuned for more news on syntonics real soon.

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms - Fritzmania (Syntonics Rmx)


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TOMB CREW said...

please can you take down "inna dat" as its for sale on clekclekboom.com or reup it at a maximum of 128 KBPS..