Friday, August 8, 2008


Those that know me know I love ghetto,i love the simplicity of it and the pure energy from the tracks.Most of the time the tracks themselves are simple and made with the discerning ghetto dj in mind,a chant,a nice 808 beat and just enough bang for a minute before you can cut out of it.Then theres electro,i love electro,and none of this shite that people call electro these days,i mean actual electro which leads me on to my tracks

First up is the dj di'jital remix of aaron carls party classic down,this however is a very stripped down version with roaring synths and classic 808 percussion retaining a lot of the same characteristics you would hear in di'jitals other productions specially as part of Aux 88

Aaron Carl - Down(Dj Digital mix)

Next is Dj Slugo's all time classic Godzilla. I usually go for the Godfather remix myself but I was listening to this recently and I dunno why iv always passed over it.Im not a fan of some of Slugo's juke productions but with tracks like this in your back catalogue you cant really hate on the guy

Dj Slugo - Born Ghetto

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